The Day Today.

  Today, the second of August was a rather ‘ordinary’ day.

 The usual stuff…tons of Hi’s/Bye’s, see-ya-later’s and stuff…

 I kept out of “Darpan” our college fest(to the amusement of my friends, Aditi included!).

 Went to the bike showroom, and a friendly chap(he’s payed to be that way) tells me that it’s been delayed till Friday and it shall be delivered to me by Saturday.  And, by the way(for all those folks who do not know), I’m getting a TVS Apache—Red in color(with black alloy wheels).

 Return home, only to know that Mr.Ashok Soota(the former Vice-Chairman of WIPRO, whom I was supposed to meet), would be “travelling” and it would be tough to get on with the proceedings for now. He’d be back by Sep-end however.  Though I was sad, his secretary, Ms.Vijy sort of temporarily “cheered” me up.

I take an auto(still wishing I got my bike with me), check my wallet, and have precisely Rs.891, after all those things that I splurged and spent. But, I however prefer saying, I ‘invested’ it on my future!

  Do I look like a spoof of a Celeb Elmeer or a Neville Medhora?

 Nah, I beg to differ. They’re friends no doubt, but I live in a different country, a different economy and a different mind-set.

 I however feel that Archith’s meeting with Anil Ambani had nothing to do with either.

And yes, on the College Acads side,  Midsems are coming up a couple of weeks from now. I’ve got to submit my Stats report(I’m the Student Rep for Statistics), a few  Assignments(which I feel I can ‘DO’).

 For now, I call up Narayan, fix up a meeting and figure out some stuff.  


One Response to The Day Today.

  1. Sudhakar says:

    Hey Sudeep..

    So, you are going to ride on TVS – Apache.. Good . May I know more about your meet with V.P. of Wipro?

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