The threat..

October 1, 2006

It’s been ages(again!) since I blogged…seems like I’m just not able to manage it.

As I’m blogging it’s precisely 1:09 AM on my watch…well past mid-night. I’m sitting on my favorite bean-bag in my room with a couple of books cluttered on my bed nearby, some club music on the radio running in the background,  a couple of powerpoint presentations finished, and a distinct silence around…

Just before I got to blog, I walk out of my room onto the terrace of our home just for a breather. On one far side I could see the lights of Sasken Technologies(even though it’s about 2 kms away, it’s clearly visible since there’s no object disruption in it’s direction), telecom firm on the opposite side a few apartments, there’re lights on in a few rooms(bet they aren’t blogging like me!! he he), then the empty street.

I had a fairly good day today(I seem to be this forever optimist and I generally say that even on a bad day :))…it was a holiday….and there’s another one folllowing tomorrow…

But for another reason , my parents have got a wind of the fact that I’m into a lot more things than my studies….they discovered one of the checks given to me by an MNC in one of my shirt pockets(I happen to have forgotten it). Ofcourse, they asked me what it was and how I got it and such stuff….they soon pull me up me to my study room on the upper floor of our home….by the look of it they could realise that not much of studying was going on. They basically found everything except books!

From business magazines/journals, to printed emails from clients to a few CD’s with loaded software, my laptop running a keynote by Philip Kotler, to just about anything that you would not expect in an 18 year old’s room! yeah, the conventional stuff were there too….a few MP3’s,  blah blah!

But to my surprise, my parents looked quite amazed(they don’t know a thing about the fact that it’s been ages since I’ve seen my Acad books), they realize that there’s no point in buying me out of this….(I also looked kinda wierd then, a sleevless tee with a  3/4th on) so, they tell me to focus on my Academics and “set my prioritites straight”, they think that acads  is everything…so want me to slog out . But before leaving , my father(who until now was rather quite and observant)  finishes off by saying(warning rather!)  that if ,and I mean “IF”,  my marks take a  lower decline, so will my business interests and ventures……”so you better study”…. I close the door and with great difficulty open my Math text work out a few problems……to avoid some future threats and problems….


August 19, 2006

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. Quite a few assignments and projects kept me occupied.

Got my brand new laptop…it’s a HP Pavilion dv1624TN. Felt it was the best pick for me.

Went to the dentist too(!)…got the filling done, and I feel a lot better. For the past week or so, the tooth ache really put me in bad humor.

I like Saturday evenings a lot. I really don’t know why…it’s been so for as long as I can remember. Maybe because I get to chill a bit, relax and stuff…

Today, while going through one of the  business magazines, I read about the 4.1 million laptops that DELL Corporation was taking back…all because of the Lithium ion batteries that would “burn into flames” on extensive usage. Ofcourse, DELL is not going to pay for the losses, it’s going to be SONY(since they’re the ones who make these for DELL).

This interests me, for the sheer fact that it was the very same Lithium ion batteries that had put DELL well ahead of  it’s competitiors about a decade back. It’s was revolutionary back then. No other company used it and the guys at SONY did not know how to integrate the same technology into Laptop design(they had only managed to do it on a small scale).

Today, looks like it’s saturated. Almost every other company uses it and moreover get the bigger competitive advantage by selling cheaper. DELL wants to tap into other resources as well so as to move ahead now. Unlike their early days they’ve got the cash reserves to do it….it all depends on their ability to innovate and do it real quick.

The Day Today.

August 2, 2006

  Today, the second of August was a rather ‘ordinary’ day.

 The usual stuff…tons of Hi’s/Bye’s, see-ya-later’s and stuff…

 I kept out of “Darpan” our college fest(to the amusement of my friends, Aditi included!).

 Went to the bike showroom, and a friendly chap(he’s payed to be that way) tells me that it’s been delayed till Friday and it shall be delivered to me by Saturday.  And, by the way(for all those folks who do not know), I’m getting a TVS Apache—Red in color(with black alloy wheels).

 Return home, only to know that Mr.Ashok Soota(the former Vice-Chairman of WIPRO, whom I was supposed to meet), would be “travelling” and it would be tough to get on with the proceedings for now. He’d be back by Sep-end however.  Though I was sad, his secretary, Ms.Vijy sort of temporarily “cheered” me up.

I take an auto(still wishing I got my bike with me), check my wallet, and have precisely Rs.891, after all those things that I splurged and spent. But, I however prefer saying, I ‘invested’ it on my future!

  Do I look like a spoof of a Celeb Elmeer or a Neville Medhora?

 Nah, I beg to differ. They’re friends no doubt, but I live in a different country, a different economy and a different mind-set.

 I however feel that Archith’s meeting with Anil Ambani had nothing to do with either.

And yes, on the College Acads side,  Midsems are coming up a couple of weeks from now. I’ve got to submit my Stats report(I’m the Student Rep for Statistics), a few  Assignments(which I feel I can ‘DO’).

 For now, I call up Narayan, fix up a meeting and figure out some stuff.  


August 1, 2006

Hello World!

This is my very first blog-post.

Seems strange, though I’ve been reading blogs for over a year, I never thought of posting my own!

Looks like I’ll speak my heart(as I always do) out here.

So, Happy Blogging to myself and everyone else!